Welcome to Our Website
We hereby inform you that our Sri Pingali Venkaiah Charitable Trust and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Smaraka Samstha, both are constituted on the name of Sri Pingali Venkaiah, Designer of our National Flag with a clear idea that “INDIA IS OURS”- “INDIANNESS IS OUR RELIGION” and with a desire to mould our children as “Good Leaders” and perfect “would be citizens of India”.

We believe that the welfare of women and kids is the root of the progress of Our Nation. We identify the places where welfare of weaker sections, welfare of senior Citizens, development of villages and amenities for public are required and we extend our Services there in order to benefit them by all means. We swear on our Tri-colour national flag that “we try to eradicate the illiteracy and simplify the life stories of selfless Patriots and handover them to present generation with a strong intention to serve Mother India”.

Also we humbly inform that we provide service without any vested interest. Our Organizations were constituted and came into existence ten years ago. Since then we are organizing various programmes.