About Us
Presentation: - We hereby inform you that our Sri Pingali Venkaiah Charitable Trust and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Smaraka Samstha, both are constituted on the name of Sri Pingali Venkaiah, Designer of our National Flag with a clear idea that “INDIA IS OURS”- “INDIANNESS IS OUR RELIGION” and with a desire to mould our children as “Good Leaders” and perfect “would be citizens of India”. We believe that the welfare of women and kids is the root of the progress of Our Nation. We identify the places where welfare of weaker sections, welfare of senior Citizens, development of villages and amenities for public are required and we extend our Services there in order to benefit them by all means. We swear on our Tri-colour national flag that “we try to eradicate the illiteracy and simplify the life stories of selfless Patriots and handover them to present generation with a strong intention to serve Mother India”. Also we humbly inform that we provide service without any vested interest. Our Organizations were constituted and came into existence ten years ago. Since then we are organizing various programmes.

Our Country India is of its own kind in entire globe as it has attained Independence under the guidance and leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation, who used Satyagraha as a “Divine weapon”. Also it is the result of sacrifices of many great souls who laid down their lives very easily. Our organization describes all the three great souls. – I.e. Sri Pingali Venkaiah a selfless patriot, who even got appreciated by Mahatma Gandhi and also who designed our great National Flag. Sri Bankim Chandra Chatarjee, who wrote and gifted us a great patriotic song ‘VANDEMATARAM’ that touched the hearts of our Countrymen with just one stanza and made people to fight for Independence. Finally, the great poet of our National Anthem ‘JANAGANAMANA’ which thrilled, motivated and inspired whole Indian Nation. The India ought to bend its head before these four great Souls. To our organization, such great souls are like back bones. The history of such great personalities is adorable. We inform one and all that our trust honors them by celebrating their Anniversaries.

Important Note: Both the dates, March 31st and 1st April of 1921 are red letter days in our history since our National flag got designed and approved in all India Congress Conferences held at Vijayawada, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh in the presence of the then noted and renowned leaders. Therefore, our Trust, while celebrating the “Formation day function of National flag” duly on
1st April, is giving a message also to the Nation. We, while reminding the Anniversary Function of National Flag and also intimating that Sri Pingali Venkaiah garu is the designer of our National Flag are conducting the meetings that reflect those Congress sessions which were very great.  We wish that this festival should be celebrated in every corner of the country, and one should express his gratitude towards great leaders with patriotism. Our organization categorically says that this programme strengthens the Unity and Integrity of our Nation and this is recognized and also being announced by our Organization.

We have conducted Essay writing Competitions minimum in eight thousand schools during last ten years. Prizes are being given by renowned and well noted personalities to the winners and thus we are passing the great message and achievements of the selfless patriots to today’s student community in order to inculcate the patriotism, love towards their fellowmen. Accordingly, programmes are being chalked out and also are being conducted.

The Formation Day of our National Flag i.e. the Anniversary function of our Tri-colored Flag was conducted in A.P Bhavan, New Delhi very grandly in the presence of great leaders in the year 2006. This programme was appreciated by our leaders and also by noted persons. We were successful in making the Cental Government to release a postal stamp in memory of Sri Pingali Venkaiah in the year 2009 the designer of National Flag, whom the Nation has forgotten. This was celebrated by our Honorable Chief Minister and he released a Postal Stamp in a meeting on behalf of Central Government. As a token of respect, we also had honored him on that occasion. Therefore, we say humbly that this “Credit” goes to our organization only and ofcourse your co-operation made us to organize this successfully. Suitable Educational and Medical Services too are being provided to needy persons to possible extent by us and our organization is doing yeo-man’s service for the welfare of senior Citizens (Aged persons) and ladies. Both of our organizations i.e. Sri Pingali Venkaiah Trust and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Memorial Organization leave no stone unturned in chalking out the programmes in order to strengthen the National unity and do selfless service for the benefit of country. Our main aim is to handover a “Healthy Future” to present generation. We are providing Educational and medical services to the students community also.

Our India is great, unique having very high level standards and the very foundation stones are arranged on both “Holy Family System” and “spiritual Values”. Shri Gurajada, a great poet of modern times, had very specifically said that “Country” means not just a “heap of sand”, not its “Geographical limitation” but its “people”. Such a great India is trapped in the clutches of bad time now and its culture is being effected. In other words, western culture is dominating our ancient and sacred culture. It is misguiding our youth but very surprisingly, even the Leaders and Intellectuals of other Countries are being attracted towards our great culture and honouring it because of its powerful and unique qualities. It doesn’t mean that foreign culture is inferior to us; we are not all criticizing their culture. Their culture is great and is suitable to them as per their Country, time and other factors.

Knowing this very clearly, we made it as the first aim of our Organization to change the mind set up of younger generation to follow our life style and attitude towards our great culture.  Accordingly, we have designed our programmes for the benefit of our entire nation. It is our strong desire to educate the “would be citizens” of India in this aspect through Sports and Games. In a nut shell, we wish to make them realize about the greatness of our culture and great leaders so as to enable them to lead a purposeful and useful life as expected by our great leaders. For this, we believe that we can spread our activities through out the length and breadth of our country systematically with the co-operation and assistance of both Central and State Governments. Our organization is going to take up many planned and suitable programmes in every district in 40 (forty) acres of our state pertaining to Hospital, Home for the Aged, Home for orphans schools, women welfare and Training Centre, Hostel, Praja hall, Auditorium, Play ground Gardens and Forms of vegetables, Fruits and Flowers, Mini Dairy etc, etc with an intention to serve the villages situated in and around of it. We say confidently that we can do this by imparting suitable training to people and collecting necessary financial resources with your Co-operation. We are here to guide and help those we are living in society along with us and having desire and zeal to take up service Activities. We plan and chalk out a number programmes for those people who like to serve the humanity but unable to take them up for want of funds.

The above programme is just to strengthen our Nation, for the benefit of our entire country and above all it adds more respect to “our National Flag”. In other words, all such activities enable us to uplift our flag high when compared to the Flags of other Nations. Our organization is chalking out so many programmes, keeping in view of the need of social service where actually it requires. We are going ahead with huge project works for the benefit of entire society. We, therefore, are giving this kind information to all such like minded persons with a request to strengthen our hands to take up activities mentioned above. Both of our Sri Pingali Venkaiah Charitable Trust and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Memorial organization hereby make an appeal to all great, and capable people like you to come forward to serve the society as desired by our great leaders in general and by Sri Pingali Venkaiah garu in particular.

We have the provision of Income-tax exemption under 80G, 12AA. The donors are requested to utilize the facility. It is to inform you that we are applying further exemption and facilities in this regarding.

Your kind Co-operation is highly solicited.

(K.H.S. Jagadamba)
Managing Trustee