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  1. Essay Writing Competitions about Great Leaders, Freedom Fighters and Intellectuals are being conducted by us in various Schools. We are encouraging the students of I, II & III standards by giving prizes to them. They are being encouraged to show respect on those great personalities. It is our first duty to honor such great souls. We have extended these activities to other States also.

  2. We are giving financial assistance to Vedic Students to the possible extent.

  3. We are honoring the students who secured State 1st rank in X standard with both, a GOLD MEDAL in the name of Sri Pingali Venkaiah Charitable Trust and also a cash award of Rs. 5,000/- along with Certificate.

  4. A pure Gold Medal is being awarded to those persons who serve to the public in true spirit in memory of Late Sri Pingali Venkaiah, the Designer of our Tri-Colored National Flag.

  5. A Home for the Aged id being run by us for mot more than 50 persons at free of cost.

  6. We are providing cloths, foods, free medical aid, medicines, etc., to poor within our limits.

  7. Employment  is being provided to Women belong to Poor and Downtrodden class through Home Industry since 45 years.

  8. Above all we are leaving no stone unturned in order to make the present Generation to know about all sacrifices and greatness of Sri Pingali Venkaiah and also bringing his Successors into lime light. A Postal Stamp in memory of Sri Pingali Venkaiah, was released by Late Sri Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh just because of our sincere efforts. It is a matter of pride for us to get total assistance and honor from Government of India in this regard.

  9. Sri Pingali Venkaiah Smarak Trust and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Memorial  Organisation  are only sucorganization which are celebrating  “Designer Day of our National Flag” in entire India. 91 years are being completed to our Tri-coloured flag after its coming into existence. We got appreciations for this even in the capital of India, i.e., New Delhi. We are conducting this “ National  Flag Day” duly on every 31st March and on 1st April also every year.

  10. We are celebrating the Birthday of Sri Pingali Venkaiah on 2nd August every year. We are organization various programmes like Poor Feeding, Distribution of fruits and bread etc., on that red letter day.

  11. It is inform you humbly that we always stand first to assist the needy people to the extent possible.
We appeal one and all to come forward to strengthen our hands by supporting us either in cash or kind. Our all programmes will be for the benefit of Society only without any vested interest.  Quality will be maintained at every step. The details of our programmes/ activities may please see in our website arranged for the first time.



You are aware that of late, our culture and traditional values are being neglected and a sort of blind following is increasing towards western culture day by- day .It has pinched us a lot and made use to think a lot in order to uphold the flag our customs ideals and culture. We humbly say that on account of this only we established both Sri Pingali Venkaiah Memorial Organization and Sri Pingali Venkaiah Charitable Trust for the benefit of our society.

It is our anxiousness and also worry to change the mindset up of children and Youth through organizing various good programmes which inculcate patriotism, respect towards elders, etc., In other words, we want to strive for all development of future citizen of India in a humble way. For this , it is necessary to mould their character , by teaching them the essence of our Epic & Vedas , Gita and teaching of Great souls like Jesus Christ , Prophet Mohammed , Gandhiji , etc . , through various culture programmes , stories ,poems , dances , etc . , It is the need of honor to teach them the moral and spiritual values through Music and Dance in an attractive manner. For this, we planned to encourage the Artists, writers, etc., and also training will be imparted to them for presenting the items properly. Also, separate Departments will be opened; Auditorium will also be constructed for conducting various good programmes in a benefiting manner in the interest of Nation.

A monthly Magazine will also be run by us and efforts will be made to see that it should reach each ever school . In this magazine, Articles that inspire the children to develop their personality , good character , patriotism, respect towards –elders-dignity of labors , Human values (Edu care) etc., will we published. Also one can see the article that draws the attention of Children and Youth on Cleanliness, Greenery and uses of good and healthy environment in that magazine.

We encourage the children to take up the programmes of Charity, Donation to poor and thus we make them kind hearted and helpful to needy.

We conduct various competitions i.e., patriotic songs Drawing, music, Dramas, etc., in various schools with the co-operation of respective Faculty Members and Management.

The aim of our organization is to encourage the children to concentrate both on their Body and Mind. Also we insist on spending time jovially with friends, move happily with everybody. For this, we impart training in various items. We inspire and motivate them to serve the Nation ie., also Bharat Matha in their level.

We also help them in developing good behavior, well manners in themselves and try to get Education, science, Health and good ideas. We teach them that only such students will become “ornaments” to Mother India.

We also planned to procure a land of 40acres and to open a school, Home for aged and hospital for the benefit of Ladies. also, welfare centers  will be opened  in order to make the helpless  ladies to stand on their own legs . We open Dairy farms, we grow plants and trees of flowers and fruits , vegetables that are useful to the residents of the hermitage (Ashram). We decided to organize all these things at free  of cost and maintain quality in every thing .It also becomes a responsibility of our organization to develop the awareness in people with regard to dreadful diseased like AIDS,HIV etc., and necessity of having soft corner towards the victims of above diseases on humanitarian grounds.

Construction of Primary Schools, High Schools, College etc., and maintaining them properly is our first and foremost duty.

We also planned to establish college of Medicine, Technology, etc., with well qualified and experienced staff Members and we their services for the benefit of Trust. Also hostels, nursing schools opened by us, will function on same time.

A salient feature of our organization is to visit each every village and note the needs and necessities of such village we try to provide them accordingly. For this , we supply the products , produced in our home Industries Volunteers work in village as per rules and Regulations of Trust and they brief the details to the Higher –ups  so as to enable them to take necessary steps . They also help them to the possible extent to get suitable employment. The aim of our Organization /Trust is to appoint suitable persons on suitable remuneration who maintain neatness, and organize village service activity properly, seriously and completely.

It also our aim to encourage Handicrafts collect the products of such craftsmen and provide them with Marketing facility, to them. Also we make arrangement to open Exhibition, Sales Centers (both temporary and permanent) in order to run them properly.

We also aim to conducting programmes  in not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in other states and encourage the people of the other state also in this regard .A number of committees will be constituted at every level to attend  all above activities selflessly for the benefit of the society.